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Find best telecommunication engineering professionals in your area today.

In need of telecommunication engineering experts in your area? Field Engineer will help you find them, hire them, and get the job done – all that in a matter of hours. Service providers from around the world – Americas (North and South), Europe, Asia, and Africa – already know our worth. If you still haven’t heard of our platform, the time is now. Field Engineer has made it its long-term objective to help the right service providers find the right engineers – whenever and wherever!

We know how difficult getting engineer jobs done can get. On top of difficult, it is also costly and time-consuming, and these two factors, at least, are easily mitigated. We launched the FE online marketplace with that goal in mind, aiming to redefine the future of B2B work. Going online means that every single engineer, wherever in the wide world they may be, is easily reachable.

To make things even simpler, Field Engineer offers a fully automated platform that tracks the entire job process – from the listing being posted to the fulfillment of the task.


Telecom engineers, rest assured that once you provide your credentials and specify your skill set, you will start getting customized job alerts in a matter of hours. The FE app has been made available for both iOS and Android, making it even easier for professionals to get best job offers wherever they are. Since its launching in 2016, FE has helped 4,500 engineering jobs get completed successfully – worldwide.

As already mentioned, FE is automated. It means that it enables service providers to specify their criteria to the tiniest detail and thus save loads of time on unsuitable bids. In addition, we provide all the necessary paperwork – from background checks to liability insurance. Our real-time tracking feature will keep you updated throughout the process, so you may safely focus on your next project to come. Finally, we also take care of the payments for you. Once the job has been executed satisfactorily, we will release the payment to the telecom engineers who have completed it.

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